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Terms & Conditions 



Your organisation or business must be fully inclusive of everyone in the LGBTQ+ community.

Stall amenities


The stall provided by Wakefield Pride comprises a 3m² area. There is no supply of gas, electricity, water, internet or other amenities.

Opening times


Your stall must be open for the duration of the event (12:00-20:00 on Sunday 11th August) unless agreed in advance, in writing, with Wakefield Pride. You may not close or break down your stall before 20:00. Stall holders who close and/or break down early may be subject to a penalty.

Forbidden items


The following items are prohibited: glass, diesel or petrol generators, fuel, smoke machines or smoke effects, amplified music, strobe lighting, confetti, or the sale of food and drink.

You may not give away confetti or any other items that causes excessive litter (please check with us for advice).



You will be able to park within a few minutes’ walk of the stall for unloading and loading, but only during an allocated time slot; you will need to make your own arrangements for parking your vehicle away from the Wakefield Pride area for the duration of the day.



No waste service is provided and you must take all rubbish away with you from the stall. If you leave rubbish, or leave it by public bins, this is fly-tipping and you may be fined by Wakefield City Council.

Securing a place


You will have 7 days to accept or decline any offer we make to you. If you do not reply, your application will be cancelled and your offer will be transferred to someone on the waiting list. If you accept the offer you must pay the booking fee within 14 days.

Once you have accepted an offer, your application has become a booking. No refunds are paid on cancelled stalls.

You may not sell, lend, transfer or sub-let the stall to anyone else.

The decision of Wakefield Pride is final. You will comply with all reasonable requests from Wakefield Pride team members during the event.

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