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Wakefield Pride, an annual celebration of the LGBT+ community that is free for all to attend, has evolved into a vibrant and welcoming day for the local residents and visitors to the city.

Last year (2023), Wakefield Pride had over 15,000 attendees, and it keeps getting bigger every year. It helps the local economy by bringing in local and big businesses that want to support the lively LGBT+ community. Last year, an estimated £1million was generated back to the Wakefield economy by the Wakefield Pride event.

Run by dedicated volunteers, it's a free and inclusive event, relying on fundraising and sponsorship.

Wakefield Pride is successful because it's open to everyone, raises money, and gets support from sponsors. This helps it grow and spread the message of acceptance and understanding, not just within the LGBT+ community but also beyond.


Fulfilling Corporate Responsibility

Support community-based projects and fulfill your corporate responsibility by sponsoring Wakefield Pride. Your sponsorship goes beyond mere support; it becomes a testament to your commitment to making a positive impact in the communities where you operate. Join us in creating a lasting legacy that resonates with your brand's dedication to social responsibility.

Demonstrating Commitment to Equal Opportunities

Showcase your dedication to being an equal opportunities employer by sponsoring Wakefield Pride. By aligning your brand with our inclusive values, you not only contribute to creating a diverse and welcoming environment but also send a powerful message to stakeholders. Your sponsorship becomes a tangible expression of your company's commitment to fostering a workplace that embraces equality and embraces diversity.

Caring for Social Causes

Demonstrate that your company cares about social causes and make a positive impact by sponsoring Wakefield Pride. Your sponsorship becomes a symbol of solidarity with the community and a powerful way to showcase your brand's values. By supporting initiatives that promote positive change, you position your company as a socially responsible leader, leaving a lasting impression on both customers and employees.

Empowering a More Inclusive Future

Contribute to promoting equality and fairness, not just for the LGBTQ community but also for various diverse communities, by sponsoring Wakefield Pride. Your support helps create a more inclusive future, and your brand becomes synonymous with progress and equality. By investing in initiatives that champion diversity, you communicate a strong message to customers and employees, past, present, and future, about your commitment to equal opportunities.


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